Friday, December 2, 2011

Just for Laughs : Gags - Best of the Best

Best of the Best pranks by Just for Laughs - Gags combined in one video and brought to you exclusively by "Coolest Videos 1" blog

Kate Perry - Hot n Cold

Another Stunning video from Kate Perry, called Hot n Cold. I love it!

Just for Laughs : Gags - Beach Bunny Photo Shoot Prank

Just for Laughs : Gags is one of my most loved video channel on YouTube. Here is a magnificent Beach Bunny Photo Shoot Prank, where the victims find themselves surrounded by stunning models and then start farting ..... OMG! Its insane!

Idiom Idiots - A lovely Video

English is a tricky language. Watch as I have fun with it.

Twilight 4 - Knocked up HD

Twilight 4: Knocked Up Video is uploaded on the request of Klarina Mosteshita from japan. If you have any request, please leave a comment below. Hope you like this video!

lady gaga - Born This Way (A Very Gaga Thanksgiving)

Here is a very special and a Very Gaga Thanksgiving Video for all of you and I am sure that you will love it!

ABBA: Angeleyes - The Best Song Ever

ABBA: Angeleyes is The Best Song I have ever heard. Released in 1979, it is an ever-green song!

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