Friday, December 2, 2011

Just for Laughs : Gags - Best of the Best

Best of the Best pranks by Just for Laughs - Gags combined in one video and brought to you exclusively by "Coolest Videos 1" blog

Kate Perry - Hot n Cold

Another Stunning video from Kate Perry, called Hot n Cold. I love it!

Just for Laughs : Gags - Beach Bunny Photo Shoot Prank

Just for Laughs : Gags is one of my most loved video channel on YouTube. Here is a magnificent Beach Bunny Photo Shoot Prank, where the victims find themselves surrounded by stunning models and then start farting ..... OMG! Its insane!

Idiom Idiots - A lovely Video

English is a tricky language. Watch as I have fun with it.

Twilight 4 - Knocked up HD

Twilight 4: Knocked Up Video is uploaded on the request of Klarina Mosteshita from japan. If you have any request, please leave a comment below. Hope you like this video!

lady gaga - Born This Way (A Very Gaga Thanksgiving)

Here is a very special and a Very Gaga Thanksgiving Video for all of you and I am sure that you will love it!

ABBA: Angeleyes - The Best Song Ever

ABBA: Angeleyes is The Best Song I have ever heard. Released in 1979, it is an ever-green song!

Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)

Absolutely Gorgeous. What else can I say!

Androidland - Telstra launches world-first Android store in Melbourne

Androidland - Google and Telstra have launched World-first Android store in Melbourne. What more can Android fans ask for?
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Angry Birds Rio Trailer

Angry Birds is one of the most-downloaded paid application of all times and here is the best of the best - Angry Birds Rio Trailer!
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Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer

Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer is a lot funnier than I ever thought!
Angry Birds Rock!

Angry Birds and The Mighty Eagle!

If you love Angry Birds, you are bound to like this exclusive Video of Angry Birds and the Mighty Eagle!
Keep them Angry!

The World's Fastest Workout Video

World's Fastest Workout Video is around the corner for you. You can do workout any time now!
Above all, the lady in the video is pretty Awesome!
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No 1 Fat Burning Exercise

Without much premise, here is your own Number 1 Fat Burning Exercise, that you can do anywhere. All you need is a set of dumbbells or some other weight to hold!
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Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight - 7 Minute Interval Workout

Reduce your Belly Fat and effect weight reduction in this gorgeous 7-Minute interval workout. You can do this in just 7 minutes during your breaks at office or between two TV shows at your own convenience.
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Alphabet Song

Alphabet Song is one of the first choice to upload a magnificent Video as a Starter I believe. Since kids start their learning with Alphabets, so let's start their first video with the same!
If you enjoy the video, please leave your comments/ suggestions below!

Next Trainers Holiday Work Out

I found this Magnificent "YouTube Next Trainer's" Video and thought that some of you might be interested in burning some extra calories and reducing your weight.

Get More From the New YouTube

YouTube has recently changed its outlook to offer exclusive services and more features. You may find it easier to search for the videos of your interest. Click below to watch an EXCLUSIVE YouTube Video to learn the best of YouTube changes.

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